You can see that the gardens that surround our exceptional farmhouse in Valldemossa are among the most beautiful on the island. They are arranged in terraces and have lawns , fruit trees and a wonderful and unique bamboo forest . Through all this space old stone ditches are distributed through which a large amount of water flows. In the lower area of the gardens there are two Arab mills adorning the beautiful stream that runs down from Valldemossa and a little further on, an extensive area of forest where strolling will be a delightful activity.

We are delighted to be able to offer our guests the possibility of enjoying their lunches and drinks on the garden terraces , where they will enjoy the after-dinner, the siesta, the wonderful views, the sun and the singing of the birds.

It is a magical and perfect place for all those who come to enjoy culture, bird watching, gastronomy, hiking, the fabulous beaches of Mallorca or who are simply looking for a space to rest and relax.


Shared experiences are what make us really happy. That is why at SON VISCOS we offer you the possibility of holding small and special events in a magical place, with a true Mediterranean essence and country flavor. You can have the entire hotel, or the private living room of the new suite or choose between each of the beautiful corners of the garden, also available as the setting for advertising and film productions.